ProjectEvaluations_img1.gif 3.2 Project Evaluations
  • Something not right with your Project but you can't figure out what it is?
  • Need an different perspective on the Project Team?  Or a neutral review of your project's status?
  • Often in the middle of a project, evaluation by the Project Team is not possible or made difficult by the very issues that are causing the poor performance.
GreyWolf Consulting can review a project using nine key parameters and provide recommendations and analysis on fine tuning the overall effort and the Project Team performance.
3.2.1 Communication
  • Is necessary information readily available to ALL of your Project's team members?
  • Are rumors causing Project performance issues?
  • Are there communication gaps between Owner/Developer, PM, General, Contractors, Subs, Architect, and/or Engineer?
  • Is Project communication timely and accurate?
  • Need to re-align Project goals and Team member expectations?
3.2.2 Budget
  • Are your Project's estimated costs being tracked against actuals?
  • Is the cost estimate linked to scope and schedule?
  • Are Project costs under control?
  • Are cost risks identified and tied to scope/schedule?
3.2.3 Leadership
  • Does the Project Team understand the Project Goals and the Project's current performance?
  • What is the perception of the Project leadership?
  • Is the Project leadership effective and considered part of the team?
  • Are Project decisions made and issues resolved in a timely manner?
3.2.4 Quality
  • Is quality defined for all scope items?
  • Is Project quality hampered by a focus on cost or schedule?
  • Do the cost estimates match the quality required and defined?
  • Are performance to quality goals monitored throughout the Project schedule?
3.2.5 Productivity
  • Do Project productivity requirements match the milestones and the schedule?
  • Need to focus on one trade or one particular subcontractor?
  • Need to set up a process to monitor Project productivity?
  • Need to convince the Owner and/or Construction Manager that your activities are on schedule and on budget?
3.2.6 Responsibility
  • Is your Project having too many safety incidents and accidents?
  • Is a Project focus on cost or schedule causing environmental, health and safety issues?
  • Do the trades people feel responsibility for the success of the Project?
  • Is the local Community a member of your overall Project Team?
3.2.7 Schedule
  • Are Project milestones tracking the Project schedule?
  • Are schedule surprises happening regularly?
  • Are schedule risks identified and tied to budget/scope?
3.2.8 Scope
  • Is your Project's scope tied to cost estimates and schedule?
  • Are the scope risks identified and tied to cost/schedule?
  • Is Project change out of control?
3.2.9 Teamwork
  • Is your Project team working cohesively?
  • Do the Project's Team members have authority to carry out assigned responsibility?
  • Is a lack of trust adversely impacting Project performance?