Owner.Developer.ProjectTeamLiaison_img1.gif 3.11 Owner/Developer/Project Team Liaison
  • Do all of the Project owners and/or any of the major project stakeholders understand project management and/or construction?
  • Does your Project Team needs some short term liaison assistance to work through a major Project Issue?
Sometimes the Construction Project Team is not able to relate readily and/or have the time or resources to handle queries and concerns of owners/stakeholders not familiar with the construction process due to time/resource constraints.
GreyWolf Consulting can provide the dedicated, as required, focus for:
Promote understanding of the construction process
Gather and organize queries
Obtain, document and provide answers
Construction Project Team
Coordinate and document owner/stakeholders concerns
Help to organize a process that creates efficient, manageable stakeholder liaison.
Get a jump on and prepare for punch listing and turnover